Lumineers is a brand for veneers. For more info about Lumineers and if it is indicated for your case,  you can have a consultation.

what are the different types of whitening and what is the differences?

Teeth Whitening can be done in two ways: reversible and Irreversible

In the reversible technique, we use a special gel on your teeth ( Zoom by Phillips USA ) to whiten your teeth. This technique can be done in the clinic or at home with a special tray we do it for you in the clinic. 

In the Irreversible technique, we use veneers to cover your teeth with the white color you desire. This color will not change by time, by smoking or by eating and drinking. 

Difference between Lumineers and Veneers ?

What options I have if I lost a tooth?


Replacing a tooth after removal is mandatory for the reasons below: 

Teeth have tendency to move to the empty spaces in your mouth, so by the time the opposite tooth to the lost tooth space will migrate, the backward and forward teeth will also migrate to close the space. These migrations can lead to tartar accumulation, gum inflammation, and infection, gum deep pockets, teeth decay, occlusion disharmony, digestion problems etc.

You have two options: ​

Dental bridge where the dentist needs to shape your two teeth

around the space tooth lost and to take an impression. at the

end, you will have a bridge of ceramic teeth linked together to

close the lost tooth space. This treatment can take around 10 days. 

Dental implants
where our surgeon will open a small flap in your gum and put an implant in the bone of the lost tooth space. You need to wait around 3 to 6 months depending on the case to put your crown on the implant. 

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